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  Olympic Beach is a perfect starting point for several trips because of its location. The remarkable cultural sights of Northern Greece and Mount Olympus, which is rich in natural resources, can be reached easily. Mount Olympus was the first National Park of Greece and it is pronounced to be part of the World Heritage by the UNESCO, offers a lot of sights to see, which surely impress those who are fond of nature's beauty.

  In addition, there are many "water" programs that offer a lot of fun. Visit Water Land the aqua park near Thessalonica or go on a boat trip where the captain and his crew create the cheer with music, dancing and national drinks. You can also try scuba diving.
You can explore the treasures of Greece individually but if you prefer organized programs, participate an optional tour where a multilingual guide shows the participants round the famous places.

  Whether it is an individual trip or an organized tour, the owners of Stefanos Apartment Hotel will kindly help you to choose the best one on the basis of their own experiences.

Optional tours:

Trip to Mount Olympus to the "home of the mythical gods"
A whole day trip to Mt. Olympus (travelling: by bus): visiting the Stavros rest-house and the "baths of Zeus", free program in the picturesque village of Litohoro

Trip to the Meteoras to the "hovering monasteries"
A whole day trip to the amazing monasteries built on rock towers (travelling: by bus): Visiting the Great Meteoron (the biggest Monastery) and a smaller, free program in Kalambaka where you can visit an icon painter's workshop, short rest in the valley of Tempi on the way home

Boat trip to Skiathos to the "greenest island of the Aegean Sea"
A whole day boat trip to Skiathos the most popular island of the Sporades (travelling: by bus and boat): Visiting Skiathos the capital of the island, free program on a beautiful beach

Boat trip to Mount Athos to the "Holy Mountain"
A whole day boat trip around Mount Athos (travelling: by bus and boat)

Sightseeing tour in Thessalonica
A whole day trip to Thessalonica (travelling: by bus): sightseeing, free program

Aqua Park
A whole day program in Water Land near Thessalonica (travelling: by bus)

Sightseeing tour in Athens
A whole day trip to Athens (travelling: by bus; departure at early dawn!): sightseeing, free program

Traditional Greek night
Dinner with traditional Greek dishes, music and dance

Scuba diving

Prices: approx. 15-35 EURO /generally, there is discount for children under the age of 12/. The participation fees should be paid on the spot.

The program descriptions and prices are informative. We can provide you with proper information on the spot.